Board of Science and Technology (DCT)

The main objectives of the Board of Science and Technology are to:

  • Promote the development of scientific research and technological projects.
  • Promote the formation of human resources.
  • Associate and cooperate in research and training with other centers of renowned national and international trajectory.
  • Improve the infrastructure for the development and preservation of scientific research.
  • Preserve the traditional projects and promote their updating according to their specific progress.
  • Endorse translational medicine.
  • Endorse translational engineering.
  • Promote areas of knowledge traditionally not associated with biomedicine.
  • Encourage development and innovation to reach, at least, the level attained in research.
  • Promote the creation of CONICET-dependent institutes.
  • Interact with the Institute of Translational Medicine, Transplant and Bioengineering, and Institute of Cognitive and Translational Neuroscience


Members of the Board of Science and Technology

 Full Members

Prof. Dr. Juan Gabriel BARRA
Prof. Dr. Damián Oscar CRAIEM
Prof. Dr. Alberto José CROTTOGINI
Prof. Dra. Liliana Ethel FAVALORO
Prof. Dr. Gabriel Eduardo GONDOLESI
Prof. Dr. Alejandro NIEPONICE
Prof. Dra. Melina Paola RAPACIOLI
Prof. Dra. Noelia Victoria WEISSTAUB

Deputy Members

Dr. Ernesto Alfredo DURONTO
Prof. Dr. Diego Sebastián GRAF CARIDE
Dr. Francisco KLEIN
Prof. Dr. Fernando Manuel TORRENTE

Coordinator of Research, Development and Innovation
Prof. Dra. Melina Paola RAPACIOLI