Institute of Translational Medicine, Transplant and Bioengineering


The main scientific-technological purpose of this Unit is translational research in specific areas of human health, from the generation of knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach to the use of subsequent results in the design of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies that can be transferred to the clinical setting and the national industry.
Associated and derived from this objective are the generation of highly trained human resources and the diffusion of findings and knowledge generated by the Unit to the community at large.

The nature of the research conducted in this Unit is possible due to the available infrastructure and the necessary staff, from the basic area (molecular and cellular biology laboratories, microsurgery, bioengineering, and electrophysiology), to the preclinical (animal house for small and large mammals) and clinical (the University Hospital of the Favaloro Foundation) areas, with experience in daily multidisciplinary work and with an attitude of learning and collective development.

The interdisciplinary approach that has characterized this institution since its origin allows the development of each of the projects that constitute its common purpose (the improvement of human health),from theoretical aspects (mathematical modeling of biological systems) to patient studies (clinical trials), going through basic and preclinical research, thus granting the eminently translational profile it holds. Having now become a CONICET Institute allows consolidating of this profile, maximizing the possibilities of development and the achievement of its scientific and technological objectives.


IMeTTyB authorities:

  • Director: Dr. Alejandro Nieponice

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