Institute of Cognitive and Translational Neuroscience

Psychiatric and neurological diseases with cognitive disorders involve a high percentage of the overall population, representing an imperative global health issue. An accurate diagnosis can involve one year given the highly specialized character and the professional expertise required. This character can only be undertaken incorporating to the articulation of the clinical proficiency the excellence in cognitive neuroscience research.

The mission of the INCyT will be to promote neuroscience translational research on cognitive, neurological and psychiatric disorders, the academic training of professionals, and the education and awareness of the community about brain function and neurological and psychiatric diseases.

We aim for the INCyT to become an internationally renowned center of excellence on translational cognitive neurosciences, where scientists from different disciplines will collaborate, coupling theoretical models and basic research on cognitive neuroscience with specific applications in persons with cognitive problems of neurological or psychiatric origin. The INCyT will offer unique opportunities for interdisciplinary and international research. The philosophy of INCyT will be based on the integration, synergy and translation of cognitive neurosciences and mental health. Research in the INCyT will be focused on two great areas: The Cognitive Neurosciences Research Center (led by the Experimental Psychology and Neurosciences Laboratory) and the Clinical Research in Neurosciences Center (led by the Psychopathological Research Laboratory, the Language Research Laboratory and the Neuropsychology Research Laboratory).


INCyT authorities:

  • Director: Dr. Agustín Ibáñez
  • Vice-Director: Dr. María Roca
  • Director of the Memory and Molecular Cognition Laboratory and Co-Director of the Translational Neurology Division: Dr. Pedro Bekinschtein
  • Director of the Molecular NeuropsychiatricL aboratory and Co-Director of the Translational Neurobiology Division: Dr. Patricia Cogram
  • Associate Researcher of INCyT (Director of the Experimental Psychology Laboratory, Oxford University): Dr. Robert Deacon.